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Herpa Wings models live up to their big originals in quality, design and fascination. Herpa offer a nice selection of aircraft and accessories such as buildings and vehicles enabling you to build a complete airport or diorama display. Just like the manufacturers of the originals, Herpa is utilizing the latest technology and quality assurance for development and production.

This is what you can do with Herpa Buildings and accessories.

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Herpa Wings 1/500 Scale Boeing 777-300ER British Airways Registration No. G-STBF

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Herpa Wings Scenix Airport Accessories Set 1/500 Scale 519472 A great addition to your airport is this 19 piece accessory set!

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Herpa Wings Scenix Airport Tractor Set 1/400 Scale 562461

Herpa Wings 1/500 Scale Scenix Airport Main Building (High) 1 x Closed Depature Hall (48 Pieces) and 1 x Departure Hall with rececss for Gangway (53 Pieces)

Herpa Wings Scenix Airport Building Departure Halls without Recess 1/500 Scale 519656

Herpa Wings Scenix Airport Control Tower Set 1/500 Scale 519670

Herpa Wings 1/500 Scale Amsterdam Airport Bus Set x 4 4 Piece Set in Light Blue Color