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I am totally making these. Not only do I ♥ snowmen decor but I have the 4x4s to make these cute guys!
Juniper and Bittersweet Rake Wreath
Terrariums in a jar...
DIY paper spiderweb
Excellent write-up on how to read crochet patterns. Great tips on things that aren't specifically written into patterns their just inherent. Plus the basics on learning stitches, what to do with asterisks, parenthesis, etc. Love this!
Very basics for learning to crochet. The pictures for each step really help.
Spiral Scrubbie - Free Pattern                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Christmas Ornaments Made From Nature
Pinecone reindeer Christmas ornament
La Girandola Creativa: Calendario dell'avvento

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