This makes so much more sense than any of the other tutorials I've seen for a french twist.

Pull your hair into a low pony. Twist down, then up into a pleat (like a French roll). Tuck the end of your hair inside the pleat. Push hairstick through to secure the roll. I have used two crossed over as this holds better.

Dear Younger Me: Here Are 15 Things You Should Know.

Dear Younger Me: Here Are 15 Things You Should Know

In delivering on change, CMOs, with their strong communications skills and strategic view must go beyond orchestration and actually inspire changes in the corporate culture itself.

What Does The CEO Expect Of The CMO When It Comes To Delivering On The Change Agenda?

I’m continuing to give thanks to God for His bountiful blessings. Today, I begin a two-part series thanking God for the blessing of faith. Today, I discuss how faith is a gift of God (please, pleas…