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there are many bikes hanging on the wall
Cycle of temptation: How many bikes is enough?
Racked up: there are ways to fit bikes in small spaces.
a dining room table with blue place mats
Carlos’ Custom DIY Loft
House Tour: A Custom Custom DIY Brooklyn Loft | Apartment Therapy- shallow shelves
a room filled with lots of bikes and other things hanging from the ceiling in front of it
Carlos’ Custom DIY Loft
Carlos’ Custom DIY Loft
the diagram shows how to make a double pulley swing for two people and one child
MISTERCANOEHEAD Canoe Transport & Storage Page
Awesome canoe storage method More
two bikes are hanging from the ceiling in a garage
Installing a ceiling mount Bike Lift.
Bikes, strollers, ladders, wagons, etc. -Z
a man is fixing a bike on the wall
BA1 Bicicleta del alzamiento
a man is fixing a bike on a rack in a garage with other tools and equipment
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