Billy Cotton Chandelier.

Crazy fun light that would be perfect in the right dining room: so charming in the randomness of the sticks and the light. Billy Cotton Pick Up Chandelier

Inspired by traditional Italian craftsmanship and mixed with Nordic simplicity, Fuse is a lamp in which the tactility of the materials plays an essential role. The result is a soft porcelain pendant lamp accentuated by a wooden pendant holder that together emulate the warm glow created within each cylindrical shade. Available in two sizes and three colors, there’s a style for every taste and motif!

Fuse Pendant Lamp by Note Design Studio Soft porcelain accentuated by a wooden pendant holder that together emulate a warm glow.

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Lampade a sospensione Muuto E27


Lifestyle White Scandinavian Dining Room Design with Minimalist Rectangle Wooden Dining Table complete with the Wooden Dining Chairs and the Scandinavian Dining Room have Some Glass Bulb Pendant Lamps

Diamonds è una collezione di lampade a sospensione progettate da Sylvie Meuffels per JSPR. Ispirate proprio ai diamanti, come suggerisce anche il nome, sono disponibili in tre varianti geometriche diverse e in due colori: nero e oro. Diamonds è una serie di lampade dall’aspetto elegante dalle forme ricercate, dei veri e propri gioielli.

76 Industrial Decor Ideas - From Industrial Hanging Pendants to Wooden Concrete Lighting (TOPLIST) [That diamond light absolutely belongs in my office.

Rich Brilliant Willing 2013 - A first-hand look at the award-winning trio's four new designs to debut at ICFF

Rich Brilliant Willing 2013

RBW-Gala-Chandelier Now that's what I call a light fitting. Rich Brilliant Willing 2013

grey glass pendant at kitchen sink 'Shadows' pendant light by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova for Brokis Dailytonic

Lobby - Radient Sconce Plate Walnut - place on either side of long delft tile artwork over seating group. apply vertically and towards the upper 1/3rd of artwork height as shown in concept board. create white light glowing from behind them on all sides.

With no visible fasteners or light sources to be found, the Radient family of table lamps and wall sconces’ simple presentation belies sophisticated constructio

Rich Brilliant Willing

Roll & Hill (Rich Brilliant Willing): Excel Chandelier. I feel like this style could go well in the massage rooms, which don't need as bright of lighting, nor the impression of a grand space (light doesn't go horizontally as much).


Fuse lamp series for Ex.t (IT)

Rich Brilliant Willing, Monocle Wall Sconce, Flat Lens

Monocle - Black

The Monocle sconce’s solid aluminum body bears a sturdy heft, while its swivel and dimming capacity cast a precise light.