furby! #90s

too bad my brother put my furbie in the microwave bc it wouldnt shut up. broke the furbie and the microwave

...Imparavamo a fare le operazioni con i regoli

Imparavamo a fare le operazioni con i regoli Io ce facevo le fomine

Dawson's Creek Cast

Dawson's Creek Cast I love this picture for some unexplained reason.

tdk da '90

Loved taping the radio.making mixed tapes. I still have box full of these.

Spice World! 90s nostalgia

Metcalf , I'm remembering watching this at your house years ago, against my parents' wishes.


"Barbie Girl" is a song by the Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group Aqua. It was released in May 1997 as their third single overall, and the first United Kingdom release

Giochi senza Frontiere... l'Europa unita nel gioco...

Eurofestival, Olimpiadi e Giochi senza Frontiere / Eurovision Song Contest, Olympics and 'It's a knockout'

23. La manina appiccicosa

raise your hand if you had a sticky hand! they left grease-like stains on every surface, but were so much fun to throw at things.