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somehow—-here:  © Christian Schloe, Fly me to Paris  […] Felice chi con ali vigorose, le spalle alla noia e ai vasti affanni che opprimono col peso la nebbiosa vita, si eleva verso campi sereni e luminosi! Felice chi lancia i pensieri come allodole in libero volo verso i cieli nel mattino! Felice chi, semplice, si libra sulla vita e intende il linguaggio dei fiori e delle cose mute! - Charles Baudelaire, Spleen e Ideale III - Elevazione

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axolotl babies

I'm in love with these animals called Axolotls. They're like little cute alien fish. Regardless of how other people think they look, they always melt my heart.

Roasting marshmallows by the fire

Celebrating Autumn Idea // Get out in nature as the trees turn and the air becomes frosty for a cozy autumn picnic. Bring a vintage wool blanket, an old tea kettle and yourselves and enjoy the chilly brilliance of the changing seasons.