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Album - 11 - Gamme Besta (Ikea) Bureaux, bibliothèques, réalisations clients, réalisations magasins...

cool Top 100 Best Home Decorating Ideas And Projects... by http://www.99-home-decorpictures.xyz/modern-decor/top-100-best-home-decorating-ideas-and-projects/

#Tiny #lamp #nightstand http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/1f/d0/f3/1fd0f3b4a7607988d21ca61421b0f128.jpg


Minimalistic dining room - sometimes it takes less to make it look more modern. wood. white. home. interior design.

I really like the mason jar with flowers for the tables.

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good to know...don't think I will ever need the "formal" setting. bon-apetit

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Learn how to set the dinner table for every occasion! Kirkland’s shows you table settings for informal, formal and elegant events.