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Happy towel day

psychotronicvortex: “ Infographic: Celebrating Towel Day - May 2012 Lemon.ly has a hoopy little infographic about Towel Day which falls on this Friday, May “ If you don’t know much about.

Relax & Relax

SNOW MONKEYS -- Japanese Macaque monkeys dip in a hot spring in the snow at Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park in Yamanouchi, Nagano prefecture, central Japan.

creative routines

Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals: How Artists Work took an in-depth look at the daily routines of 161 of history’s most inspiring minds. Data visualization artist RJ Andrews of Info We Trust created an amazing infographic of.


Sunrise over the Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Hungarian Parliament Building beside the river Danube in Budapest, Hungary---- One of the most under-rated cities in the world. so beautiful, visiting budapest is on my bucket list!

INFOGRAPHIC: Where Is The Safest Place In The World For Women To Live And Work? @Andrew Mager Mager Mager Mager Mager Willis #stopabuse

infograph showing where is the safest place in the world for women to live and work. I really thought that the US would be a bit higher, but I guess with recent right wing ignorance regarding women's rights, it's to be expected.

Helicopter avalanche control work Photo by Grant Gunderson

Helicopter avalanche control work resulting in a 13 ~ 15 ft crown measured by Peter "PJ" Moran

The Human Bowling Ball-Awesome!

Play a game of bowling where you are the ball with this inflatable human bowling ball game. This unique inflatable set includes everything you need to play a game of human bowling ball, from the ball itself to the "alley" and the blow up pins.