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Soda coffee tables in Estonian taiga
Soda coffee tables in Estonian taiga
Soda coffee tables in Estonian taiga
Soda coffee tables in Estonian taiga
Soda coffee tables in Estonian taiga
We discovered Tiny House in the Estonian Taiga. With its only 20m2, this unique project perfectly knows how to spread warmth and hospitality. Save this post and discover the full Soda collection.
Have a SUPER Christmas! By Miniforms
Meanwhile you wait for the snowflakes, you can enjoy a shower of SUPERPOP! We wish a SUPER Christmas to all of you.
two colorful stools sitting on top of a marble countertop next to each other
The energetic duo | Superpop by Miniforms
Each single fragment is made of recycled polyethylene: no secret behind the rippling texture of Superpop, shown here in the energetic duo Super Green and Super Red. Save this post, go to the website and choose your favourite!
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The new Soda is SQ (by a whisker)
The new Soda is squared by a whisker. It is still Soda, but it wants to get up close and personal: with Soda SQ you can extend it by matching pieces together, or create sophisticated compositions by mixing the different shapes. But how many shapes is Soda today? Save this post and discover them all!
an empty room with several different colored tables and benches in it, including one sitting on the floor
Soda is new. Soda is Oval.
Soda Oval it’s enchanting on its own, but in compositions it reveals its playful side, breaking up the inertia of more basic forms. How many shapes is Soda today? Save this post and discover them all.
a vase with flowers sitting on top of a glass table
Surf away. Soda is now Oval
Soda Oval has only two stems, and its top takes on an elongated shape: smooth as a surfboard, it evokes the fluidity of 1950s French design, but with our bold voice. Save this post and discover all the Soda family.
coffee table, interior, living room Interior, Furniture Design, Emu
The new Soda is Oval.
Something is happened: Soda is new, both in shape and colours. Discover all the new Soda collection: save this post and choose your new Soda coffee table!
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv mounted to the side of a wall
Pinto Stracciatella is the new taste
The monolith weight got lightened at every facets, melting in a soft and contemporary design. Not by chance, Pinto finishes got inspired from Italian ice-cream flavours: Stracciatella, Nocciola, and Anice. What’s your new favourite one? Save this post and discover all the coffee tables flavours on our website!
Create your intimate corner, with Pinto
Create your intimate corner, with Pinto
Create your intimate corner, with Pinto
Pinto is the typical discreet mate: the shy one that doesn’t talk too much, though it is so curious on the other hand. It knows therefore how to find its place in every situation. Yes, in your living-room, too. Save this post and discover all the finishes available!
three tables and two stools in an empty room
The romantic side of concrete: Pinto coffee table by Miniforms
While entirely crafted from concrete, Pinto hints to the world of painting and its gestures, both of which are reflected in a collection of single-textured and notably sculptured coffee tables. Choose your flavour: Stracciatella, Nocciola or Anice? Save this post and let's have a look!
a room filled with lots of different colored tables and stools on the floor next to each other
That's a SUPER pin!
Discover Superpop, our new 100% recycled and recyclable item.
coffe table in a hotel room London, Mad Men, Perth, Round Glass Coffee Table, Glass Design, Round Coffee Table, Modern Side Table
Blown-glass Soda coffee table
A shot of our Soda at Buckle Street Studios in London. This hotel and co-working space stands out for the scenographic appeal, obtained by a vibrating mix & match of colorful furniture and shapes.
a white marble top table with gold metal frame legs on a wood flooring area
Cicca - Copper coffee table
Cicca – coffee table #miniforms #interior #furniture #tables #takeabreak #interiordesign
a room with a ladder, bookshelf and other items in it
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there is a table with plates and cups on it in the room next to boxes
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