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Prato - 9/16 July 2012

During this week we were hosted in a beautiful showroom located in the centre of Prato, fascinating city in Tuscany. The atmosphere was romantic and chic, and our eff collection was able to find its natural allure also in this classical ambience
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In its contemporary version, eff is surrounded of bright colors and slender pieces

A mirror to reflect your imagination, eff sofa to travel comfortable


A sepia atmosphere and the two seats armchair becomes more romantic than ever.

Roses accompanying eff's armchair great harmony.

In lights and shades, eff whiteness brights lively.

Little journey into a romantic world... Welcome to Condecoro showroom!

Sunshine & Relax: four chatters together with eff, collection with an insuperable charme!

Eff's timeless charm

eff's versatility is always markable!

A mirror to reflect your imagination, eff to travel comfortable!