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Cinnamon-Sugar Orange Knots

Il Krapfen o "Berliner" è un impasto lievitato fritto (di origine austro-tedesca) di consistenza sostenuta che viene farcito con crema o confettura

Dark Chocolate Lava Cookies So what is there to say about these cookies except that they may be one of the most unique cookies I've made to date. Truly. First, they're flourless. And butterless. HUH?! I know. How in the world could they be even remotely good? Well they done one better than that. They were PHENOMENAL!

Chocolate Italian Love Cake - So easy, but looks fancy. Chocolate cake with a sweet Ricotta Cheese filling.

skinny double chocolate banana muffins

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo Crust. The ultimate chocolate lover's dream.