General data protection regulation

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the enterprise architecture framework is shown in this graphic above it's description and diagram
An excellent overview of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and how they relate to each other.
an enterprise architecture diagram with the words enterprise architecture written in green surrounded by smaller circles
Understand Enterprise Architecture With These 7 Simple Diagrams
enterprise architecture
the four quadrants are labeled as - is, government, and to - be
Measuring the Performance of Enterprise Architecture | InformationWeek
Measuring the Performance of Enterprise Architecture - InformationWeek
a circular diagram showing the different levels of data
Data Governance – Three key Aspects for Success
I’m of the opinion that there are three key aspects to a good data governance program. While there certainly are others that could be added,...
an info board with different types of data protection
What’s Ahead for Your Data in 2016?
An infographic detailing the changes in the new GDPR law
a diagram with the words gdrr on it
Hyker - Protecting Digital Life
Possibly boring, but very important post: The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is a very important piece of legislation that will come into effect 25th May 2018. It applies to any business, whether EU-based or not, that collects, stores and processes the personal data of EU citizens. If your business offers wifi to customers, make sure you're ready & compliant! #gdpr #privacy #dataprotection #socialwifi ( # @rainbowwifi_ via @latermedia )