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Be the Master of your Own Solar System

Are you a budding astronomer? Astronaut-in-training? Or maybe an aspiring alien? Be the master of your own universe with this awesome out-of-this-world builder kit. Use the set of planets and stars, c

bicchiere trasparente del detersivo trasparente una torcia Riempite il bicchiere con dell’acqua e aggiungetevi tre cucchiai di detersivo. Mescolate finchè non si è completamente sciolto, facendo attenzione a non fare schiuma! accendete la vostra pila in modo che la luce passi attraverso il vaso. Il liquido al suo interno rimarrà del suo colore bianco. Ora andate in una stanza buia e ripetete l’esperimento. Questa volta il liquido vi apparirà blu, proprio come il cielo.


Human Body Project: A Life-Size, Lift-the-Flap Model

This foldable is a great idea for students to understand how the human body functions and where organs are located. This activity can be completed in groups and can be placed around the classroom for students to recall on information. What makes this activity interesting is that students can lift up a cut-out of an organ and read the characteristics and the role it plays in our body. KR

(8) Earth and space. The student knows that there are recognizable patterns in the natural world and among the Sun, Earth, and Moon system. The student is expected to: (A) differentiate between weather and climate; (B) explain how the Sun and the ocean interact in the water cycle;

Esperimenti scientifici per bambini - Tornado in bottiglia 2

esperimenti scientifici bambini ciclo acqua temporale

Stargazing With Kids - Free Fun Constellation Sewing Cards

free constellation sewing cards and learning activity for kids

Libellen aus Ahornsamen_anmalen und mit Zweig zusammenkleben

Fun time with kids

How to Make Homemade Plastic Jellyfish For Your Kids

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