micky paltrinieri

micky paltrinieri

micky paltrinieri
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awesome,It's perfect! famous sunglasses collections: good news!

1984 New Orleans World Fair. Barth Brothers' gates, Belgium waffles, Jax beer, and a Mississippi River view. While I was only 6 years old I have vivid memories of this.

our annual sunglasses sale continues!  wow......its amazing! Save your money!

How to seal a mason jar WITHOUT an electric vacuum sealer. I didnt need a big expensive Foodsaver Electric Vacuum Sealer. This automotive vacuum pump and wide mouth mason jar sealer works well for the one thing i need it for… sealing food for storage in

Vacuum Sealing Tips and Tricks | Homestead Dreamer:

Vacuum sealing is pretty straight forward, right? Not exactly. Here are some vacuum sealing tips and tricks that make like MUCH easier!

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If you think that your vacuum sealer is only good for storing foods for the freezer.think again! Here are some unique ways you can use it that have nothing to do with the freezer! READ MORE>>>