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a small house with wooden decking and glass walls
Modern Industrial Cabin Winthrop WA | Natural Modern Architecture Firm
an open kitchen with wood logs stacked on the counter and in front of it is a stove
an open kitchen and dining area with large windows in the back wall, along with wooden table and chairs
an outdoor kitchen and dining area in a house with stone walls, flooring and large windows
a living room filled with furniture and lots of windows
Gallery of Ibiuna House MP / DT Estúdio - 27
a black house with lots of windows and wood flooring in the front yard is surrounded by greenery
5650 NE Tolo Rd, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 - 3 beds/2 baths
a small house with a covered patio and fire pit in the middle of it at dusk
Acre Origin Series B House
a small black house with wood siding and windows
White Peak Design and Build Ltd
the floor plan for a small house with an attached porch and covered patio, is shown in
Plan maison bois contemporaine
a small house made out of shipping containers in the middle of some grass and trees
two renderings of a small house in the middle of trees and bushes, with one showing an open floor plan
LATO 130
three different views of a house in the woods
Majestic House Model That You Can Build with Shipping Containers - Living in a Container