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Are you on Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? Facebook, even? Great. If so, you will doubtless be familiar with a concept known as relationship goals, the phenomenon in which two people decide to couple up, take photos together, and exploit their own relationship for the purpose of garnering likes.

Not the grabbing butt in public but not in public I already kick or hit it soooo I’m good at that. But yeah everything else is the truth.

Unfortunately i am...  but i'm also living proof that engaging in strength training and picking up weights keeps you out of hospital and living strong, free yet thin!

i thought i could just "flip the switch" when i was finished being sick. but its more difficult than people realize to let go of something like an ed, even if its hurting you-the longer you have the disorder, the more difficult it is to get over

thank you mother nature I had no idea!!!!!!!!!

Even Though Periods make you look bloated… you naturally burn double the amount of FAT during your menstrual cycle. If you exercise… you will act burn TRIPLE the amount of fat on your period. - Thank you mother nature I had no idea!