Marilyn Monroe

Ayn Rand On Marilyn Monroe (August 1962)

This photo could've been taken today, timeless beauty and LOVE her hair in this photo. i love to look to old movies and photos for hair, makeup and style.

Susan Sarandan~very talented

Susan Sarandon - just posting this makes me want to have a Suan Sarandon movie marathon.

Diane Keaton

"The times they are a-changing," words once sung by a budding folk singer by the name of Bob Dylan, seem not only applicable to the upheaval of values and barriers in the but also an industry that thrives on reinvention.


Actress Sissy Spacek, photographed near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Tina Fey

my "girl" crush!

My red haired girl.

My red haired girl.

My best friend & partner in crime

My best friend & partner in crime