Propaganda fascista e anni Trenta in Italia « Novecento in rete AI NOSTRI GOVERNANTI NO GLI IMPORTA DI SALVARE L'ECONOMIA ITALICA... SOLO LA LORO.

Propaganda fascista e anni Trenta in Italia

Propaganda fascista e anni Trenta in Italia « Novecento in rete

German snipers

Nazi soldier - Waffen-SS Sniper on the Eastern front, All sides used snipers. The USSR became deadly and used male and female trained army snipers to deadly effect on the Eastern front. World War II

Italian soldiers on Mount Grappa, WWI

Italian soldiers on Monte Grappa with Fiat machine gun, World War I.

remember it

Caption"Will be free Palestine from the river to the sea".Code for 'Total destruction of Israel and replace with new Palestine'.Try negotiating a two state solution with this.

I Stand With Palestine

I Stand With Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

Pochi conoscono la storia dell'ultima resistenza tedesca e soprattutto i crimini perpetrati contro di loro,quasi tutti ragazzini ...

A young SS-Sturmann of “Totenkopf” waiting for the enemy on the outskirts of Warsaw in August

Soldiers of the SS Division "Reich" during the battle near Elnya.:

Männer einer SS-Divison bei der Schlacht um Jelnja (Russland), ca 1941

My Universe

~put on the whole armor of God, sword of the spirit, shield of faith, breastplate of righteousness and the helmet of salvation~ I want a tattoo that represents all of these so bad.

German and Romanian Soldiers fighting alongside on the Eastern Front. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

Romanian and German Troops in Bessarabia, Ukraine and Crimea, Part I