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Inlaid Wood Art Photo!

What is the life without art?Enjoy with these wonderful pattern!
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The decorative wood inlay technique used in our collections is an ancient art dating back to the first dynasty in ancient Egypt. In the 15th century, Italian artisans in the southern town of Sorrento adopted the technique and have handed it down from generation to generation ever since.We continue daily to pass it with the same technique and passion of Our ancestors.

Our decorations, made by hand, give our inlays vitality, perspective and originality! The result is a delight for the eyes!

Center floral inlaid wood

Artistic creativity, of the Master Mastellone Giuseppe, capable of harmonizing beautifully with each other colors offered by nature and the refined technical virtuosism are the characteristics that make these wood inlays of authentic "works of art" particularly valuable and very high quality.

The materials used for the manufacture of inlays, are among the most valuable, and some of them, are so precious to look like gold! (note the grain of the Rosewood!)

For us the colors and woods are living beings, of individuals very evolved that integrate with us and with the world. The colors are the true inhabitants of the space. #experiencepassionart

The inlay can define the character of furniture and make it unique

The creativity is undoubtedly the most important human resource. Without creativity there would be progress and always be repeating the same patterns. But nature often surpasses us in creating new design ... Look at what effect these natural woods! Can you count them all?

Amazing Inlaidwood Pattern!

Il #legno è materia nobile e strana, non è più terra e carne non è ancora; è come il latte che non è sangue ma è già più che acqua. The #wood is a noble material and odd, is no longer the ground and meat is not yet; as is the milk that is not blood but is already more than water. #experiencepassionart