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a table topped with lots of yellow and black bees sitting on top of green plates
La Maestra Dody
bees and honeycombs made out of wood are displayed on the wall next to each other
Bee sensory play
a wooden plate topped with lots of different types of food next to a beehive
La maestra
bees and honeycombs made out of construction paper
a beehive made out of cardboard with bees on it
Аппликация - "Пчелинный улий"
a bunch of bees that are next to some honey jars with the words groeies maken on them
Groepjes maken
Bee Craft for Kids
Have fun with this adorable fork-painted bee craft! Using just a few simple materials, your little ones can create their own buzzing bee masterpiece. Let them dip their forks into bright yellow paint and watch as they stamp out the bee's body and stripes with ease. This fork-painted bee craft is a fun and educational activity that is perfect for preschool, pre-K, kindergarten, and elementary students. A perfect afternoon activity that will have your kids buzzing with excitement!
an image of some fruit and flowers on a cell phone screen with the caption's name in spanish
Bastelidee für Kinder "Bienen" aus Pappteller
Lapbook "Ciclo di vita di un'ape" - Per matrice link in descrizione