Gianluca Torromeo

Gianluca Torromeo

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Paragliding along the Aurlandfjords A fjord is a long, narrow bay with steep sides, created in a glacially carved valley that is filled by rising sea water levels. The seeds of a fjord are laid when a glacier cuts a U-shaped valley through abrasion of the surrounding bedrock by the sediment it carries. Many such valleys were formed during recent ice age when the sea was at a much lower level than it is today. At the end of the ice age, the climate warmed up again and glaciers retreated.

The Parahawking Project in Pokhara, Nepal: A unique combination of paragliding and falconry, this sky-high pursuit allows fliers to soar with raptors

Paraglide Mount Baba Dag in Turkey. Oludeniz region of Turkey celebrates flying every October with it's annual Air Games week

Paragliding in Oludeniz Turkey - @Just1WayTicket

Paragliding along the Alpine mountains and Königssee, Germany

Paragliding in Switzerland. Anyone? I do. #spon