Free Farm Animal Mask Printables. Great for pretend play and just having fun in the classroom!

Free Printable Farm Animal Masks That Your Kids Will Love

Free printable masks: to create the masks, simply print on card stock and laminate. Cut around the outside of the head, cut the eye holes (I use a box cutter), poke one hole near each ear and thread a piece of string or elastic through to create a mask.

How to Make a Mask using Handprints

How to Make a Mask using Handprints (krokotak)

Party Ideas by Mardi Gras Outlet: Masquerade Mask Cut-out Coloring Page

Find free Mardi Gras mask templates you can print at home in a snap. A great selection of Mardi Gras mask templates for male or female, young or old.

Design your own Mardi Gras mask with this free printable from Kids Activities Blog.

Printable Mardi Gras Mask Craft

Get ready to celebrate Mardi Gras by making a festive mask with this free Printable Mardi Gras mask craft.

παιχνιδοκαμώματα στου νηπ/γειου τα δρώμενα

παιχνιδοκαμώματα στου νηπ/γειου τα δρώμενα

Re-CoveredTreasures Blog ( Mardi Gras Masks

I found a pattern for a simple Mardi Gras mask online (I can't remember where - sorry! It was just a basic/simple shape.