Amigurumi: Dogs

Amigurumi: Dogs

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Australian Sheperd

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crochet animal patterns | Beagle PDF Crochet Pattern. | crochet animals

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FREE Doggie Dog Amigurumi Crochet Pattern and Tutorial

Haakpatroon hond pattern by renske


Info / Teddy Talk: Creating, Collecting, Connecting
  • Joan Kaardal
    Joan Kaardal

    where can I get the patetrn

Click next arrows after the picture to get the pattern

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For Anthony since he loves Robbie!

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Free Crochet Animal Patterns bulldog | Bulldog Stuffed Animal Crochet Pattern. | CROCHET

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  • Brenda Richardson
    Brenda Richardson

    I would like to have this free pattern but i don't know where to go to get it . could you please send me a link to i would like to make it for my grandson for christmas.

  • Line Guldborg Pedersen
    Line Guldborg Pedersen

    I can't find the free pattern on the bulldog, could you please send it to

  • June Louw
    June Louw

    me too pse send to

Amigurumi Dog - FREE Crochet Pattern / Tutorial by handmadebyulku

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Beagle puppy pattern.

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  • Verna Carneal
    Verna Carneal

    Well now, isn't he cute!

Papillon dog - amigurumi

Собачка Папильон – амигуруми | Амигуруми
  • Janet Hoffman
    Janet Hoffman

    this would be a great pattern if it was in English and not Russian!

Crochet Amigurumi Puppy Dachshund Doxie with Heart - free pattern and photo's. Thanks so for this cutey xox

Puppy Love (Free Pattern)

Crochet En Acción: free puppy dog pattern

Crochet En Acción: Semana de la fauna: animales de la granja

FREE Puppy Dog Amigurumi Crochet Pattern and Tutorial

Crochet En Acción: Semana de la fauna: animales de la granja

Playful Puppy - Lisa van Klaveren
  • Izzy Coylewright
    Izzy Coylewright

    dead end

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Ravelry: Sheltie PDF Crochet Pattern pattern by Christine Lucas

Ravelry: Sheltie PDF Crochet Pattern pattern by Christine Lucas

Dachshund Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern.

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  • Mary Hudson
    Mary Hudson

    says it blocked it because it was spam, or nudity...wtHECK

-Poodle Family Dogs Crochet Pattern -

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Dalmatian Amigurumi by

Dalmatian Amigurumi by adorablykawaii on deviantART


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  • Blue Pixie
    Blue Pixie

    Dead ends.


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  • Shari Simon Widmayer
    Shari Simon Widmayer

    wish this was a pattern... not just the photo! How cute!

  • Kylie Ramsey
    Kylie Ramsey

    I really need a pattern for the schnauzer!! I can't find one anywhere!!

  • Betsy Tjandra
    Betsy Tjandra

    is there any pattern for it? >w<

Free brown dog Ami pattern. So cute, I want ten! Nice share, thanks so for pdf xox

Amigurumi Dog pattern by Sonea Delvon


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