Travel Tipping

16 Helpful Tips For Traveling The World

[Infographic] Tipping around the world. Travel tip and reference for tipping customs in the country you’re visiting.

Learn about responsive web design from this infographic, via @HubSpot

Example of a site that is TOO busy What is Responsive Web-Design? This InfoGraphic explains how responsive design displays your website on various devices (e.g. desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.

Cartoon Charts of Body Systems - Respiratory

Silly cartoon diagrams of our bodies’ major systems [5 pictures]

"Body Systems", or the anatomy of human body explained through five cute and colorful posters designed by the graphic designer Rachel Ignotofsky: the digestive

Why We're More Likely To Remember Content With Images And Video (Infographic) | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Why We’re More Likely To Remember Content With Images And Video (Infographic)

Lets Talk About Stress Infographic

How Stress Can Increase Risk Of Being Depressed

Always stressed out? Find out what happens to your body and what steps you can take to help manage your stress! Stress Relief Tips

Why People Share: Understanding The Psychology of Social Sharing

Why People Share: The Psychology of Social Sharing

How do you get more people to share your content? It’s a simple question that lacks a simple answer. Learn why people share social media content here.

meditation infographic

Thanks to YogaDork for sharing this must see infographic. It’s the Skeptic’s Guide to Meditation and it was created by happify and ABC news anchor Tim Harris, author of . It shows how just five minutes of meditation a day can have a … Continue reading →

The Most Fabulous Mango Infographic [infographic]

The most fabulous mango infographic. 13 amazing mango benefits, mango nutrition facts, popular varieties and much more. Explore more infographics

so stressed

Stress & Your Health Infographic Health infographics, Healthy food infographics, Healthy living infographics mind body spirit nutrition work tips fitness goals motivation inspiration food foods diet exercise lifestyle sleep


Content Curation: The Art of a Curated Post [Infographic] - What should a curated piece of content look like? Paint the perfect post with these five elements.

Excessive sweating.

This poster shows some facts about sweat, the causes of extreme sweating and what are the possible treatment. Well Compoundia Pharmacy gives a best alternate treatment for extreme sweating.

Infographic: 58 percent of patients with rheumatoid arthritis complain of knee pain.

In this Dialogue in Design infographic, Verilogue draws insightful conversational insights from our collection of exam room interactions in Rheumatoid Arthritis. What is the average length of RA ph…

Work Wardrobe with a Limited Budget #Infographic

Funny Infographics - How To Infographic. The Stylish Professional: Work Wardrobe. How Can I Create A Work-Friendly Wardrobe On A Budget?