Sljivovica (plum brandy) is a popular drink in Croatia (and other parts of Eastern Europe); we're sure many of you and tried it when in Croatia - and felt the effects the next day! :)

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Duke´s plum brandy (šljivovica)

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The quintessential Croatian drink - Kruškovac!! Love it

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Slivovitz - Go international with this traditional Eastern European drink using seasonal plums. #sweet #dessert

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It's true, slivovitz isn't always easy to love (though the same could be said for the suddenly hip Fernet Branca), and it's hardly a world-class spirit. As one Chowhounder eloquently put it, "it tastes like jet fuel to the uninitiated." But if you haven't tried slivovitz before, I want to make the case that you should. There's a niche in every bar that only punchy, fruity brandies like grappa or slivovitz can fill.

Plum brandy info for party

the maraschino liqueur I DID get :/

A fun Croatian tradition is to have a shot table once guests arrive at the reception. Traditional liqueurs include brandy made from honey (Medica), plum (Šljivovica), cherry (Višnja), pear (Kruškovac) and walnut (Orahovac).

In Praise of Slivovitz: Plum Brandy Doesn't Have to Taste Like Paint Thinner – Tablet Magazine // TIL there is a US Slivovitz Festival

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