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a paper cut out of a cat in the grass
Lapappadolce (@lapappadolce) • Foto e video di Instagram
children sitting on the floor playing with black and green handprinted mats in a classroom
46 Easy Team Building Activities
Team building is an important quality that needs to be vaccinated in childhood. Team building activities or games are interesting and constructive ways to help children understand teamwork, cooperation, brotherhood and develop communication. We can't
playing cards laid out in a circle on the floor
How To Play Clock Patience
Clock Card Game
a poster with different colors and shapes on it's sides, including the words in spanish
Simboli grammaticali Montessori e definizioni materiale stampabile per il SECONDO LIVELLO – Lapappadolce
montessor wooden toys are displayed on a white background with the words montessor written in spanish
Il gioco sensoriale – zero tre anni – Lapappadolce
Il gioco sensoriale – zero tre anni – Lapappadolce
a plastic container filled with lots of different toys and materials on top of it's surface
Zero tre anni – Cosa sono le vaschette sensoriali o sensory tubs? – Lapappadolce
sensory tubs - il giallo
a person is pouring something into a bowl with wooden spoons and bowls in it
Sensory tub di spezie – Lapappadolce
an ice block with various items in it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a red fire hydrant
Caccia al tesoro nel ghiaccio – Lapappadolce
Caccia al tesoro nel ghiaccio 1
an art project with clothes and doll dolls on black paper, cut out to look like clothes
Paper doll – free download and tutorial
Paper doll - free download and tutorial
a group of toy animals standing in front of a doll house made out of cardboard
The animal farm made ​​from recycled cardboard