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"Lipstick is always wonderful and makes me incredibly happy--I prefer deeper reds, burgundies, and plums to to brighter shades of pink, coral, etc." I love ALL lipstick colours myself. A look is never complete without a swipe of lipstick!

Chech out the cat eyeliner on these eyes! Make your cat eyeliner even more fabulous with a pair of from Minkilashes. No matter your eye shape, be it cat eyeliner can work for you!

Giveaway: My Favorite Sunless Tanner

What it is:A set of 12 self-tanning face pads for an incredible sunkissed look in just one step. Whatit is formulated to do: These quick and easy-to-use self-tanning pads creates a glowing complexion in just two to four hours. Because its advance

Giveaway: My Favorite Sunless Tanner

Be Tan Without Skin Damage Kate Somerville Somerville ™ Tanning Towelettes: Shop Bronzer & Self-Tanner - Sephora