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I think it was lucky that during most of the work on the Odyssey I lived on Homer's sea in houses that were, in one case, shaken by the impact of the Mediterranean winter storms on the rocks below. (Robert Fitzgerald)
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Gabriele Salvatores's "Mediterraneo" is a deliberately charming comedy whose most daring conceit is that love, in one form and another, makes the world go around. Actually, it's somewhat better than it sounds, having the good sense not to slop over into the sentimentality that awaits it at every turn.

Academy award-winning Mediterraneo by Gabriele Salvatores

Le Mépris (1963) The film in question is an epic of Ancient Greece (tying Le Mépris to a far older tradition of Mediterranean stories) directed by Austrian auteur Fritz Lang (playing himself). Michel Piccoli plays Paul, a screenwriter struggling to keep hold of his integrity in the face of the crass demands of his American producer (Jack Palance), who’d like more scenes of naked mermaids swimming.

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The film is an acknowledged remake of a French movie, Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, which told the story of a southern postal employee unhappily transferred to the north. But in an Italian context, and with a self-pitying northern hero dispatched to the Mezzogiorno, the plot acquires more political bite.

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