Index of posts from my personal blog After my "Twitter Resurrection," was the 1st site I created on 16 Jan 2014. Two weeks later on 30 Jan I created Izzy's, and another two weeks after that I launched the MU website on 11 Feb 2014. As a personal blog, some posts on will be about my own life, experiences, and thoughts, while others will be ideas and information about the university.
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Isabella's Salon

Portrait of Isabella de Medici Orsini with her son Virginio by Alessandro Allori, 1574

Medici University 5 Simple Rules

At this point, I'd like to think I have enough tattoos that I never have any questions when I’m in the chair. However, I can remember getting tatted without knowing everything you should know before you get a tattoo. For instance, it wasn’t until my …

Ponte Vecchio with Edie

Edie and I went to hang out on the Ponte Vecchio on Sunday. The PV is that old medieval bridge across the river Arno with all the shops on it. You might know that my dad build the "Vasari Corridor" along the PV back in 1564 (I was


Memphis - E is for Egypt - New Memphis at Medici University campus

This Magic Moment

Medici University is only 9 weeks old, yet so much has already happened. A Brief History of MU We received the hectare land grant on 1 January The first couple of weeks were spent thinking about what size would be optimal for Learner Studios (back in

A conversation with Art Oluja

A Medici University campus conversation with virtual culture scholar Art Oluja.

No Students; No Faculty

Student inventors win US funds to bring ideas to market

Dear Alexandra, (a letter to)

Art, design, and inspiration for your creative life

What would Jesus do?

What would Jesus do?

Just In Time Learning

Just In Time Learning

Medici University: Alternative MFA Programs

I’m pleased to announce that Medici University is now accepting applications for Student, Faculty, Staff, and Retail for Spring Semester,