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A BATHING APE Founded in the mid-1990s and now a leading force in global fashion, *A Bathing Ape®—or simply #Bape—redefined the height of urban cool for a new generation of Tokyo hipsters. The creation of a young, enigmatic designer simply known as Nigo, Bape has rapidly become one of the most exclusive and sought-after youth brands in Europe and America. #ABathingApe #book

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SKATEBOARDS THAT ROCK An amazing display of graphic design and artistic imagry appears on skateboards made over the last forty years. Includes images of favorite rock bands as well as the Dog Town movie...revealing a major subculture. Over 500 dazzling color photographs show hundreds of distinguished skateboards chronologically arranged, including construction details that make some collectors items, and related stickers, memorabilia, and racing team clothing. #graphic #design #book

#RetroDesign #VintageGraphic #GraphicBook #TonySeddon

#RetroDesign #VintageGraphic #GraphicBook #TonySeddon

PAPER ILLUSIONS Belgian artist and designer Isabelle de Borchgrave has created exquisite paper dresses evoking high fashions from the courts of the Medici in the Renaissance to the legendary Fortuny silks of the early twentieth century. Their historical authenticity, combined with their startling realism, caused an overnight sensation when they were first shown in France in 1998. #PaperIllusions #book

#RetroDesign #VintageGraphic #GraphicBook #TonySeddon

IN PECTORE The T-shirt is one of the designer's favourite medias. In Pectore shows over one hundred T-shirts designed in Spain from the 80s until today. This #book was presented at the International #Typography Congress in Valencia (Spain) and sponsored by the Spanish Professional Designers Association.

COLOR DESIGN WORKBOOK Since color is such a important part of #graphic #design, designers need the most up to date as well as the most fundamental, information on the subject to have the tools needed to use color effectively. From the meanings behind colors to working with color in presentations, this book provides readers with the vital information needed to apply color creatively and effectively to their design work. #book

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1000 GARMENT GRAPHICS This book offers designers a vast collection of inspiring and innovative graphic works from the real world. The main emphasis is on fashion from t-shirt graphics, to sneakers, to baseball caps and more. The book will feature trends as well as graphics that endure the test of time. #design #graphic #book

LILIES & MAGNOLIAS -Botanical Watercolors This lavish, hand-painted artist volume comes to light for the first time since it was created by Deborah Passmore Gillingham (b. ? - 1877) in the mid 1870s. A celebration of the lilies and magnolias of the American south, it will be a treasure for all who love antique botanical art.