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a woman in a straw hat holding a snake on her arm with the sun setting behind her
Raya wallpaper
A wallpaper of Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon wielding her sword in Heart :] #Rayaandthelastdragon
a person with a stethoscope is looking at an open book
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a drawing of a cup of starbucks coffee with bananas and whipped cream on top, next to markers
starbucks frappuchino with bananas colored with copic markers
a drawing of a blue dragon with stars on it's chest and eyes, surrounded by crayons
Space Fantasy Toothless by SkyKristal on DeviantArt
Space Fantasy Toothless by SkyKristal
a woman with boxing gloves on her chest and the words la solo bottagia che non puai vincere e quela che non voi complatre
La sola battaglia che non puoi vincere è quella che non vuoi combattere. (Sergio Bambarén)