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Ecco come riciclare i tappi di sughero a natale. 20 idee strepitose

Corks are a magnificent resource for diy projects thanks to the their texture and shape and size. DIY Cork Crafts are epic simple and fast!

The listing is for one stacked snowman ornament - each will be slightly different as each wood disc has its own markings and imperfections. These Snowmen are made out of white birch wood. No trees are damaged to make my ornaments. I only use fallen limbs or trees. Each section of snowman is secured together with twine. To finish them off each ornament gets a twine loop so you can hang it. Approximate dimensions: each ornament is 6 from top to bottom (not including the hanging loop) and 2…

Wood Burned Snowman Christmas Ornaments -- Stacked Snowman Ornaments/Gift Tags

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25 idee per decorazioni natalizie in spago

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Eccovi 23 idee semplici, semplici per realizzare delle simpaticissime Renne di Natale. Alcune davvero belle da regalare!

insieme di 6 decorazioni di Natale Babbo pantaloni borsa del regalo, sacchetto della caramella: Casa e cucina

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