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Birdly is a full-body simulator developed by the Institute for Design Research at the Zürich University of the Arts that attempts to recreate the flight of the red kite, a large bird of prey, by ut...

Question 3 a) It can be used for astronauts to help them get to know how space really feels, and train them, it can be used for simulating sky diving while inside a indoor skydiving place, finally it can be used to help driving students simulate driving.

Купить Светильник светодиодный настенный "Квадро" 3 Вт - светильник из дерева, деревянные заготовки

make to fit a wall socket for uplighting

leuke lamp voor boven de buiten tafel

The Bio Mass pendant light by designer Jay Watson features ash wood branches, hollowed out with an LED light placed inside. Think you could DIY this one?- idea for my birch tubes.