Massimo Carraro

Massimo Carraro

milano, italy / Copywriter and coworking doorman. Lives in Milano, Italy.
Altre idee da Massimo

"You have to be a smart cat, to attend a #coworking space (Quote Tara @missrogue Hunt, Citizen Space founder).

In my coworking days, i enjoy being confortable!

What a fun little room, not a very big #coworking space, but cozy :-) #Pinterest

I could definitely do #coworking in this ’64 VW 13-Window Bus with Dormobile Top, yeah.

Some financial building in Denmark. Coworking spaces should be like this, they deserve it :-)

Sometimes I share my #coworking days with coworkers I don't know: people at conferences, for instance

In my #coworking days I order Moo Cards with bicycles on them! :-)

The difference between a working day and a #coworking day? Like a grey sky vs. a blue sky :-)

In my #coworking days I get inside building I would have never dreamed of! :-)

In my #coworking days I listen to coworkers speaking about their novel. Oh yes.