Florence, Italy, province of Florence Tuscany

Pretty City Streets - Florence, Italy i have seriously been down THIS EXACT street, only full of people :)

Aggrigento, Sicily, Italy

Aggrigento, Sicily, Italy - the most intact remain of the Greek Temples. I actually remember walking past the small shops and then up the patch to the temple. I was about old when I lived in Sicily

Florence, Italy, province of Florence Tuscany

Duomo, Florence, Italy - I took an image that is very similar from the top of the bell tower here

Florence Cathedral, Italy | Incredible Pictures

Duomo - florence italy Santa Maria del Fiore and Baptistery. Work on the Gothic cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore began in 1296 and was completed by Brunelleschi in 1436 with the famous Dome, which was painted inside with frescoes by Vasari and Zuccari.