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New York skyline lamp
Lamp created in Corian with transparent resin inserts specifically requested from a client.
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a white table next to a green tree
I wish always work like this!! 🌞🏡💻
the words dimmenso are lit up against a black background with three different colors
We are very excited about the great news: our new project DIMMENSO, developed with the help of our partner @lumisheet, has been SELECTED AS A FINALIST PROJECT by @worth_project !⁠ 💪🎆 We are very glad that they put their trust in us and we are very eager to face this new challenge!!👊 -- More info about the Worth Partnership Project: @worth_project, @europeancommission,
people are walking around in front of a large white building that is shaped like a fish
Work and relax: what a great weekend in Valencia!! I love this city!!! 💙 Hope to come back soon!!
a small lamp with a heart on it
“La mente si arricchisce di quel che riceve, il cuore di quel che dà.” V. Hugo #design #torilamp #mauinodesign #love #madeinitaly #designlamp #whitedesign #italy #customizable #coriandesign #cuore #heart #beautifulitaly #tuscany #solidsurface #instafollow #lampdesign #lamp #arredamento #lampada
a white lamp with a shadow on it
“Le lacrime sono lo sciogliersi del ghiaccio dell’anima. E a chi piange, tutti gli angeli sono vicini.” Hermann Hesse #torilamp #design #mauinodesign #angel #angeli #angelo #lacrime #anima #soul #whitedesign #designlamp #customizable #coriandesign #ghiaccio #ice #kids #bimbi #bambini
two lights that are on top of a white table and one is shaped like a star
TORI lamp: not a simple lamp! Don’t miss it: book now your customizable lamp! 🌟 . . . . #torilamp #designlamp #mauinodesign #design #kickstarter #crowdfunding #madeinitaly
two hands that are in a jail cell
Basilica di San Paolo. A quick visit to Rome for a competition. Even if we, Italians, can not take care of our monuments and we can not enhance them, it is indisputable that we have wonderful works !! 🥇
the sun is setting behind some tall buildings on the water's edge, and there are clouds in the sky
Beautiful time in Riga even if it has been a very quick journey!!! ✈️
two gondolas are tied to poles in the water near some buildings and boats
We never miss the chance to take a trip to Venice when we can!! We love this city and its islands. 🎭
a white lamp shade that is shaped like an ornament and has geometric designs on it
Waiting for the new 3D printed lampshade to test it on #TORI lamp!! 🛠
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table next to a card board and some other items
Could not miss a Tori lamp for my sweet niece Venusia, the dancer of the family!! 💃
a table with a lamp on top of it in front of a counter and some food
Caffè della corte is a famous pastry shop in the Vinci’s area that makes delicious pastries and wonderful cakes! 🎂 Thank you for being testimonial of TORI lamp! 🤝
a small potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a lamp
Thanks to herbalist “Erbavoglio” and it’s owner Simona for making a testimonial for TORI lamp!! 🌿 Express your company logo with TORI lamp !
a lamp sitting on top of a table next to a vase with flowers in it
TORI lamp: the first customizable Corian lamp. Soon on Kickstarter! 🌟 Follows us to know launch date, there will be big discount on the first day!! 🏆