Matteo Beltrame

Matteo Beltrame

Matteo Beltrame
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Chess Stools by Giorgio Bonaguro for Icons Furniture

This family of stools, designed by Giorgio Bonaguro for Icons Furniture, aim at giving a playful interpretation to this particular type of indoor furniture. The collection starts with Alfiere ( the “Bishop” in Italian) which is a stool in solid wood:

TER - Table by Christian Ferrara » Yanko Design

At the intersection of traditional handicraft and modern design, the TER table and stool look to Japanese joinery to achieve aesthetically puzzling, minimal construction;

jaemin jaeminlee: gravitistic magnetic watch

South Korean designer Jaemin Jaeminlee has created the Gravitistic watch concept which simulates gravity by incorporating magnets into its design. The magnetised minute hand attracts the flexible hinged second markings when it is near and.