Matteo Battestini

Matteo Battestini

Matteo Battestini
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Lessons from the Camino de Santiago: Romantic Relationships

Cebreiro Pass - Comparing terrain on The Way with romantic relationships; why this was my favorite place ever.

Spiritual Lessons from the Camino de Santiago: My Only Regret

Many pilgrims return from the Camino de Santiago with regrets.and my own personal regret from my spiritual pilgrimage.

El Camino De Santiago! A 550 mile backpacking trek through Spain. It's totally crazy, but this I want to walk. I told my little brother TJ that I wanted to take him to Spain just a few months before he died in 2005. I will scatter his remaining ashes on this trail! Beautiful.

Map that shows the different routes of the Camino, from the most popular (and increasingly heavily-trafficked, Camino Frances) to some that most people have never heard of. Try Los Caminos del Norte! Beautiful coastal landscapes and a lot of mountains!

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