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쓸만한거같기도하고... 아닌거같기도하고... 디자인이랑 아이디언 굿이다

The Collector USB Flash Drive Concept can put unused small micro SD cards to good use. It combines a number of small capacity memory Micro SD cards them into one use able USB memory flash drive.that's a nifty invention.

LEGO Telephone Box - Red Phone Booth - British Phone Box for City/Town - NEW

(Add the iconic Red Phone Booth to your Lego Town/City or display. All NEW parts - Custom Model - Comes in clear zip-lock bag with building instructions. We always try and answer queries quickly and concisely :-).

Heck Yeah, Spy Games: Teensy 2.5-Inch Quadrocopters

Nano RC Quadcopter The world’s smallest quadcopter is here. Measuring only 4 inches wide and two inches high, the quadcopter is the ultimate in radio controlled fun. It also has a built in LED light so you can easily see it all the times. BUY IT HERE

The Temple Of Pegrum (Microscale) Source: MinifigNick on Facebook.

Given a small bag of "green" from the PAB Wall by fellow Westcountry Bricker James Pegrum I created this fun little build.