I just learned his backstory this morning and oh did i cry.  Tokyo Ghoul | Suzuya Juuzou

((Tokyo ghoul Rp im Juzo,you can be ghoul or human))*I run and I bump into you on accident and I bend back and smile*Oh hello!

immagine scoperto da Mateusz. Scopri (e salva!) immagini e video anche tu su We Heart It

Four Tails version of transformation in Kyūbi [Naruto as Jinchūriki during transformatio

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Dragon ball z essay outline Essays Related to Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Z. Yet most cartoons tie all audiences together by targeting the children with the humorous outline an.

DxD - [China] Rias 2 (18+) by HighschoolDxDCards

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Ken Kaneki- Tokyo Ghoul root A. The first episode is how the first season should've ended.