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the instructions for how to make an origami tea cup
DIY: Pacotinhos de chá - A.Craft
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natural bath tea ❊
an info sheet describing the different types of herbs and how they are used to make them
DIY Herbal Tea (From Your Own Backyard)! Full tutorial at … | Herbal teas recipes, Herbalism, Herbs
two bowls filled with herbs on top of a wooden cutting board
Fir Needle Forest Chai for Respiratory Wellness
This foraged tea blend uses pleasant tasting fir needles and chai spices to create a delicious and festive drink. It is also good for respiratory wellness and opening the chest and sinuses. This recipe is from The Backyard Herbal Apothecary book by Devon Young.
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Make your own Herbal Tea Blends!
The Benefits of drinking Herbal Tea plus 3 Herbal Tea Recipes you can make at home for sleep, brain function and liver support. Easy and adaptable, these herbal tea blends are nutritive and soothing. #herbaltea #tea #herbtea
the edible flowers poster is displayed on a white tablecloth with red, yellow and purple flowers
tea blending workshop with oranges, herbs and other items on a wooden table
The da bagno fiori&frutta