Elina Ellis

Pearl Buttons Fairy, illustration by Elina Ellis this used to be me in my Nanny's button box! i love buttons all shapes and sizes and can make a simple garment really stand out.

To Catch a Star.........

Palabras de Amor y de Aliento true love is nothing more than the inevitable desire to help others to be who he is.

Elina Ellis Illustration

Full-sized Art Print with original Polaroid Fairy artwork by Elina Ellis. Printed on superior-quality recycled art paper.

Elina Ellis

Swinging + reading l Columpiándose con la lectura (il·lustración de Lucía Cobo).

Another cute Elina Ellis illustration. You may find her blog here: http://elinaellis.blogspot.com/

My friends Lizzie & Chris taking 'tea' with me, chatter boxes the three of us, all subjects discussed! Illustration credit to Elena Ellis.