I cinque baci più famosi in arte/ the five kisses most famous in art. 1) "Amore e Psiche" di Antonio Canova 2) "Il bacio" di Francesco Hayez 3) "Il bacio" di AugusteRodin 4) "Il bacio" di Gustav Klimt 5) "Gli amanti" di René Magritte

Il bacio nell'arte: cinque quadri e sculture famose

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Louvre, Paris. Canova. Amore e Psiche.

Psyché ranimée par le baiser de l’Amour, Antonio Canova I think this is such a touching famous sculpture. Psyche being revived by Cupid's kiss.

VanGogh_starry_night clip art di quadri_famosi

Starry Night, Oil On Canvas by Vincent Van Gogh (buy Fine Art Art reproduction Vincent Van Gogh/order Fine Art painting copy Vincent Van Gogh/order Fine Art oil painting Vincent Van Gogh/order Fine Art Hand Painted Oil Painting Vincent Van Gogh)

Le 10 gif più belle con i quadri famosi

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