Massimo Micocci

Massimo Micocci

Massimo Micocci
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interactive retail display

The Perch display uses projected light and motion sensors to turn surfaces into interactive displays

Wearable smart devices ... for your babies?!  - Kidspot

The Owlet Baby Monitor is a smart sock that uses an infant pulse oximeter to monitor your baby's breathing and heart rate — and alert you in case your baby stops breathing. (Wearable Tech For Kids)

Animus Heart - Making homes better. Live safer and smarter with your choice of…

Animus Heart - Making homes better. Live safer and smarter with your choice of smart devices

SmartHalo est un joli gadget connecté conçu pour transformer votre vélo en smart…

SmartHalo Transforms Your Bike Into A Smart Bike - SmartHalo is a smart biking device designed for urban cyclists and provides an intuitive navigation system that guides you to your destination safely.

Sense: The Smart Sleep Tracker

Improve your sleep by tracking the environment of your room with the Sense system. The sleep tracker's suggestions will give you the best rest possible.

Natural Interface Exploration: TEI Studio 2013

explore interaction design for natural user interfaces based on physical substances that are used in everyday life

A new material from MIT can respond to touch, pressure and movement

Materiable is a shape-shifting digital interface that can behave like a liquid

artless Inc. | news and portfolio : * print

news and portfolio : print

Ferrofluid Display

Ferrolic uses ferrofluid to tell the time. This mysterious liquid reacts to electromagnets, meaning it can be manipulated to form numbers like an ever-evolving Rorschach test.