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Black Ganges M Alias Backpack
Scala salvaspazio 1m2™ #staircase – Reach the floor above, within a footprint of only one square metre Limited space? Maximising every bit of surface area and need to reach the floor above? Then EeStairs' 1m2™ staircase is the solution. This stair leaves plenty of scope for functionality, but it is a design that also attracts attention. A storey height obtainable within one square metre of floor area: it's possible with the space-saving 1m2™ staircase. #Interbau for #Italy
Simple plywood alternating tread stair which provides storage and tests your sobriety. Beautifully crafted by Ackerman Barkle, Queensland.
arredamento, progettazione e render 3D
Gallery of Apartment For A Guy And Even Two Of Them / Metaforma - 11
#lesilla #GetTRAPped
Jenny Garvin
ARREDAMENTO E DINTORNI: scale salva-spazio ad alzata alternata (2)
Dettaglio scala con struttura metallica e gradini in legno
Spiral Staircase - Staircase Design in NYC and CT - Acadia Stairs