Vintage Italian Posters ~ #illustrator #Italian #posters ~ Adolfo Hohenstein, Campari, 1901

Antichi Manifesti

Vintage Italian Posters ~ ~ Adolfo Hohenstein, Campari, remember drinking this when I visited Italy


This vertical Italian poster features a stem glass being filled by a seltzer bottle on a tray with a bottle of liquor. Beautiful Vintage Posters Reproductions Classic posters by Marcello Nizzoli Campari l'aperitivo France

Fortunato Depero, Campari

Campari (Depero) - Made into a digital font by Alan Kegler as Il Futurismo

Cordial Campari. Vintage Poster.

Cordial Campari 1920 Milan Italy Vintage Poster Art Print Retro Style Italian Drinks Advertisement Free US Post Low EU Post

pioggia-campari- Depero

Oltre il Futurismo: cosa rimane dopo la guerra?

Campari: illustrazioni di Fortunato Depero

Bitter Campari by Leonetto Campiello century lithograph Italy Lombardy Milan Castello Sforzesco Achille Bertarelli Civic Prints Collection Whole.