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View of Pest from Buda hill, Hungary

Mátyás-templom Over Looking the River Danube in Budapest by Brian Jones Photography

Puskás Öcsi (futballista) - Budapest

In Budapest you can find some wonderful hidden statuary. This arrangement of bronze statues outside the elementary school in Práter utca, illustrates a scene from the famous book of Ference Molnár from 1906, "The Pál Street boys"

Budapest Statue

The bronze sculpture of Gobbi Hilda (famous Hungarian actress) in front of the National Theatre of Budapest. Hungary

Geza Hofi, the great Hungarian humorist, parodist statue. Located in front of the Thalia Theatre on the Nagymező street. - Budapest, Hungary

Besties in Budapest

A statue of the legendary, fictional detective, Lt. Frank Columbo, with his loyal bassett hound: in Budapest.

Franz Liszt pianist while playing an invisible piano in Liszt Ferenc Square. Come and visit Budapest to see in real :).