And if someone invites you in its piece of sky you remember to bring the rainbow

Frasi del Piccolo Principe

There will be always another opportunity, another friendship, another love, a new force. For every ending there is a new starting.

Questa sera e per tutto il giorno ho sentito scrosciare la pioggia.

My favorite moment was watching lazers dance in the rain with dubstep in the background!

Le favole dicono ai bambini che i draghi possono essere sconfitti.

Fairy tales don't tell children that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be knocked down.

L'acqua il primo elemento attraverso cui la natura riflette la sua eterea   bellezza  B.Dreams ♡

It is not a hammer that renders stones so perfect, but rather water, with its sweetness, its dance and its sound. Where force can only destroy, gentleness can sculpt.