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a wooden table sitting on top of a white floor
Navalia Table Riva 1920
For the fixed wooden table Navalia, design and workmanship are the masters. Navalia is a modern, rectangular table, with two important legs, the dimensions are varied with comfortable and pleasantly important measures. It can be customised by choosing between the types of natural wood available and wood with or without knots.
a wooden table with metal legs on a white background
Natura Plank Table Riva 1920
Table with a solid wood top having glued boards, with squared or natural edges in combination with iron legs having a central gap.
a wooden table with black metal legs and a wood top on an isolated white background
Natura Briccola Table Riva 1920
Rectangular fixed table, simple lines, natural colour, elegant and modern design but extraordinary quality: Natura Briccola, the table of the Riva 1829 collection. The briccola wood is a flagship of the Riva 1920 brand, each piece is unique, unrepeatable and so is each complement that it furnishes. Natura Briccola is the table of great class, and playing with the choice of the colour of its metallic base gives it that special modernity and an extra touch of personality that does not go amiss.
a wooden table on a white background with no one around it or the table top
Light Table Riva 1920
The LIGHT table was born out of an idea by Matteo Thun. The table is made of 4 cm thick solid wood top and legs. Thanks to its slim lines, the table looks as if it were floating. The oblique cut of the top and the peculiar carving of the legs provide for a delicate appearance of the table, opposite to the firmness of the entire structure.
a wooden table with black metal legs on a white background
Liam Iron Table Riva 1920
Liam Iron: Table with top in solid wood having glued boards and squared edges, combined with an asymmetrical leg positioned laterally. The base and ground plate are made of iron in lacquered grey anthracite "irondust".
a wooden table with metal legs and a wood slab on the top that has been made from
Iron Light Natural Sides Table Riva 1920
Table with top in solid wood available with standard natural sides, combined to a simple base made of an intertwined empty tubular iron
a wooden table with metal legs and an oval design on the top, against a white background
Hypnotic Table Riva 1920
Everything is strangely peculiar, everything is strangely new, everything is strangely hypnotic: Hypnotic, the fixed table. The modern Hypnotic table has a singular base with excellent lines and geometry to match its top, a symmetrical design with curved slats interspersed with black resin. Hypnotic, one size and more base finishes. Distinction, personality, uniqueness, of course!
a wooden table with metal legs on a white background
Newton Plank Table Riva 1920
Table made with a solid wood top having glued boards, with squared or natural edges in combination with iron legs with visible welding.
a wooden table with black metal legs
Newton Briccola Table Riva 1920
A metal base and a top in natural briccola wood, this is the Newton Briccola fixed table that furnishes the space with class and distinction. Briccola: a mooring, signalling or signalling structure exclusively for all boats used in the lagoons of Venice, Marano and Grado, made up of two or more large larch wood posts tied and nailed to the bottom, this particular wood has become a flagship of the Riva 1920 brand.
a room with a table, bookshelf and two stools on the floor
Newton Table Riva 1920
Table featuring a 4,8 cm-thick solid wood top, available in oak (in the photo) or American walnut, in peculiar knotty quality. Oil finish. Table base made of iron plate, natural colour, 15-cm wide and 2-cm thick. Oil finish. Upon request the iron base can be varnished with mat colours
a round wooden table with metal legs and a black base, on a white background
Natura Table Riva 1920
Table featuring an iron supporting base, natural colour, finished with oil, and a 3,8 cm thick table top realized entirely with solid wood. The bases of the tables of the NATURA collection are made of natural untreated iron. The base is merely washed with special neutral detergents and it is finished with oil. Any signs of extrusion, any marks or small stains over the leg’s surface are typical elements of any items made of blastfurnace, kept natural without any coats of paint.
a wooden table with two legs on the top and one leg extended to the side
Morso Table Riva 1920
Modern geometric design, perfect squareness, well-calibrated wood grain and knots, visible joints and natural finishes: this is how Morso is proposed for our furniture. Morso is a fixed table in precious hardwood, rectangular in various sizes. Morso, the table with personality and class, its furniture is resolute and resolute, and its pride reveals the excellence of quality signed by Riva 1920.
a round table with marble top and metal legs
Kohi Table Riva 1920
This is a fixed round table called Kohi. The wooden tabletop, with or without knots, has comfortable and, when raised, really important dimensions; its base is made of metal with a five-spoke structure. Given its size, Kohi offers a practical optional extra: Lazy Susan, the central rotating tray in a choice of marble or wood.
a wooden bench sitting on top of a white floor
Frammenti di Wabi-Sabi Table Riva 1920
"Wabi-Sabi" is the manual for artists, designers, poets and philosophers. The aesthetic expressed by the "Wabi-Sabi" is well represented by the 'Briccola' wood and hence the Frammenti table by Wabi-Sabi from the Riva 1920 collection. Frammenti Di Wabi-Sabi is the fixed briccola wood table with a modern-rustic design, naturally raw with a strange effect between the spongy and the worn. The entire structure is treated in protection based on oil / wax of vegetable origin with pine extracts.
a black table with metal legs on a white background
Nervi Table Riva 1920
Metal base with rectangular wooden top, this is the Nervi fixed table from the Riva 1920 furnishing collection. Nervi is a youthful and dynamic table, its simple, contemporary design of good taste and elegance furnishes the dining area without difficulty. Chairs of various types rightly complete it but he, however, like a likeable gigolo undauntedly flaunts his high class and handsomeness. Nerves, the modern table.